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Anna is really quite ancient, but she
prefers to use dog years because that only makes her 6.7 years old.   


She has worked in London in the world of emerging technology for fifteen years and has grown somewhat weary of that.

In a ten year hiatus from emerging technology, she qualified as a professional photographer (which she still is today) and went on to win multiple national and international awards, with her work featured in The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and many other publications.


These days, because she has her woofs, Buddy and Lola, her kids and her horses, she works nearer home and co-runs
Woof & Me with her sister, Rebecca.

Together, they also have two other successful brands: - a Womens & kids fashion label - Stablewear for horse-lovers 


Rebecca is usually knackered.
She is fighting Bowel cancer and has young twin girls and a young son too, along with two dogs, and a husband who works for the emergency services. 

After gaining a Masters in Typography and Graphic Design, Rebecca has worked in the creative sector for twelve years, working her way up to becoming a Creative Director.


Rebecca has designed branding and marketing imagery for some of the world’s largest companies, from Fiserv to Microsoft, Oasis to YouTube - and now, for your Woofs! 

Her real passions (alongside her husband and kids) are dogs and illustration.


She was a stellar artist from a young age and illustrates beautifully as you can see from our product range.

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