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Arguably our most stunning piece and one that truly makes a room.

Three choices - this comes in either Lavender Single or Grey Multi print Bashful Beds for a statement piece that's all yours. Screen off your dog's own area or pop in the hallway with an occasional chair in front. However you display it, it's spectacular. We even have boutique retail outlets using these for their window displays!


Made from thick but smooth canvas with a dye sublimation process fusing ink deeply into the fibres, some light will still shine through from the back if you place against a window or in front of a lamp. Instead, try to avoid placing them directly in front of a window and use them as the focus of the room.


Sustainability is an important value of ours, so we only use responsibly sourced wood and water-based inks to make your screen. One large sheet of printed canvas is manually attached to hand-built frames, making sure they're placed slightly apart. This creates a natural 'invisible' hinge formed by the canvas. Printed on both sides and finished with small and neat Nickel rivets on the back, your folding room dividers have a stylish look and feel. 


3 Panels with invisible hinges, printed the same on both sides with little feet on the bottom to add stability.  


Size: 168 cm x 152 cm


Hand made in the UK, from design and printing, to frame-making and finishing - these are high-quality and durable.

Room Divider Folding Screen - Bashful Beds


    Please note that all of our products are personalised to the breed of your choice by hand. We despatch within 7 days of order.

    We may - usually for purposes of charity fundraising and club discounts - list breeds separately, but all items produced by Woof & Me are personalised.

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