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Five TOP reasons to feel good about buying from Woof & Me

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

There's so much choice out there these days and we very much appreciate you as a customer. We want you to feel good about buying from us, so here are our top five reasons to feel good about spending your hard-earned money with us.

1. You’re helping support homeless people and their dogs 

Our partnership with is something which we are hugely proud of. Every time you order from us, a proportion goes to DOTS (we donate a profit share monthly).

DOTS do an absolutely incredible job, helping those whom the system has failed. Not only helping with the health and wellbeing of their dogs, but also helping rehabilitate and get people off the streets and onto better, brighter and healthier lives.

2. We really care about the environment

We don't just pay lip service to it. From the inks that we use to the drying processes we deploy, the wood and paper that we source to the tissue paper and beyond. We do everything in the most environmentally friendly way possible and do not use non-compostable materials. Not ever.

3. You’re helping employ British workers in Britain

We're not vitriolic patriots - not at all. We didn't even want to leave Europe. But what we do want is to be able to offer jobs to people who live in Britain. That includes people who've not always had a fair chance in life or the best of starts. We're committed to employing on a diverse basis.

4. You’re helping to keep British manufacturing going

During uncertain times, it's vitally important that we keep alive some of the skills we have developed as a nation. Manufacturing being one of them. Whatever your opinion on Brexit, we do believe that it is vitally important to have a healthy home economy where small businesses thrive and grow.

5. You’re buying Quality over mass production

Mass-produced goods have their place in the world and we all rely on them in our day-to-day lives. But buying cheap products isn't always a good long term strategy. We're not selling items that are good for a few washes. We're selling items that are made from material which is utterly fit-for-purpose and yes - that makes it more expensive. Even more so because that material has generally been sourced locally and almost always nationally. We believe in quality and we bring that to the goods we make.

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