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Very British Boy Dog Names

... for Your Handsome Boy


At Woof & Me, as well as providing personalised dog accessories and personalised dog gifts for dog lovers, we like to come up with fun things for the dog lover community. We don’t just want to be where dog lovers shop, we want to make sure that we help you out and entertain you in other ways, becoming your number one dog destination.

Woof and Me are a typically British company with a thoroughly British attitude. So, we thought it might be fun to come up with our ‘Woof & Me A-Z of British Dog Names’. A fun list, steeped in British history and tradition to aid you in naming your best friend. The best boy dog names in the UK.

This post focusses on the boys. We’ve laid it out in A-Z format and you can tag, share and print our handy sheet and the names are also given in text below, in alphabetical order.

Your handsome boy deserves a fabulous name you can be proud of calling out in the park.

· Arthur

· Baldwin

· Colombus

· Duke

· Excalibur

· Fairfax

· Galahad

· Humphrey

· Irving

· Jeeves

· Kent

· Lancelot

· Magnus

· Nelson

· Orlando

· Parker

· Quillan

· Rafferty

· Squire

· Thornton

· Ufford

· Vaughan

· Winston

· Xavier

· Yardley

· Zouch

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